Go To Sleep

March 2nd 2012

sleeping childYou work hard. You get home and you work hard again. But all awhile your the good parent, you shower your kid with tons of hugs and kisses, and with every one of your waking free seconds you spend entertaining them - on trips, vacations, LegoLand, Chucky-E-Cheese, walks, hikes, reading, do homework, and out for ice cream or donuts. So, don't you deserve a simple 30 minutes of peace and quiet before you yourself go to sleep each night? You bet you do - you deserve it!

So, how do you get your child (or even harder - your child"ren") to go to sleep at a decent time? Or even better yet, before you lol. I pose this question because I hear this cry very often from others parents with kids (I won't lie and from me too). Well the answer is simple. At least in our case. You simply wake them up early. AKA at 6AM. That's it! They will very quickly get on this new schedule. And before you know it those frustrating "go to sleep times" will be a distant memory. Admittedly, it's hard sometimes to break away from my relaxing, and quiet, cup of joe. But it's necessary if I want that 30 minutes to cuddle my wife before I too hit the hay. :) « Back to Blog