Daily Inspiration Questions & Answers For My Sons

April 2nd 2013

Zeus CarverThe following is taken and modified from the character Zeus's conversation with his boys in the movie Die Hard With a Vengeance. I just watched this movie. The 3rd rendition of this movie franchise was so-so, but this back-and-forth conversation with his boys caught my attention. In fact I loved it. If you remember the original version, it needed a little modifying here and there in order to go mainstream. The following is my rendition of it. I plan on rehearsing this script with my three boys daily or at the very least weekly. It's a good message(s) for them to learn I believe. Please feel free to use, and even edit your preferred life lessons into it, that you would like to engrain into your children's heads.

  • Dad: Do we let people use us?
  • Son: No!
  • Dad: Why?
  • Son: We build our own castle(s). We don't help "others" build theirs.
  • Dad: Now, where you going?
  • Son: School.
  • Dad: Why?
  • Son: To get educated.
  • Dad: Why?
  • Son: So we can go to college.
  • Dad: And why is that important?
  • Son: To get respect.
  • Dad: Thats right - RESPECT! Now, who's the bad guys?
  • Son: Guys who sell drugs. Guys who have guns. Guys that lead us off our path to success.
  • Dad: And who's the good guys?
  • Son: We're the good guys.
  • Dad: Who's going to help you?
  • Son: Nobody.
  • Dad: So who's going to help you?
  • Son: We're going to help ourselves - and our family.
  • Dad: And who do we NOT want to help us?
  • Son: The Government!
  • Dad: That's right. Now off to school you go.
  • Dad: I love you son!
  • Son: I love you too dad!

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