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Family Fun

Family Fun In Carlsbad CA

Where to go for family fun in Carlsbad CA? Fun family things to do in Carlsbad CA? Fun family places to visit in Carlsbad CA? Fun family activities in Carlsbad CA? Our other blog Family Fun In Carlsbad CA attempts to answer those questions and find all those family fun spots and hidden gems in and around Carlsbad... Continue Reading »

One Child Household VS Two Child Household

One Child Household VS Two Child Household

One child is romantic. It's a premeditated decision between a in love couple; long, purposefully drawn out, enjoyable and exciting experience. Each moment is cherished and appreciated, from every small pregnancy moment, to the birth, and all the baby milestones. If one child was one picture it would be a husband and wife, fully in love, brought closer by their shared pregnancy and newborn baby, holding each other, while marveling at their precious baby sleeping soundly in his or her crib.... Continue Reading »

People With No Kids Don't Know

People With No Kids Don't Know

This is one of the funniest videos on the subject of families with kids my wife and I have ever seen. It's just downright hilarious. The commedian coines it perfectly. It's important to have a good sense of humor when raising kids. Ultimately, parents would not have it any other way. We love our kids to death and would do anything for them. And to us (all parents) the stress and disfuntion of it all is well worth the countless wonderful moments... Continue Reading »

Everything We Do Is Important

Everything We Do Is Important

Everything we do is important... Because a child may be watching... Because a child may be listening... Because a child may be thinking... Because a child may be making up his/her mind... Continue Reading »

YouTube Channel

Building Blocks Home Daycare YouTube Channel

Announcing Building Blocks Home Daycare Youtube Channel. Featuring a small portion of the highlights from our days playing with the kids. Families enrolled in our daycare already get frequent video and photo updates via a "by invitiation only" app we use. But now our Youtube Channel allows us to share a small sample of the fun we have at Building Blocks Home Daycare with other familes that may be just looking for child care... Continue Reading »

Zeus Carver

Daily Inspiration Questions & Answers For My Sons

The following is taken and modified from the character Zeus's conversation with his boys in the movie Die Hard With a Vengeance. I just watched this movie. The 3rd rendition of this movie franchise was so-so, but this back-and-forth conversation with his boys caught my attention. In fact I loved it. If you remember the original version, it needed a little modifying here and there in order to go mainstream... Continue Reading »

poem given to us by a sweet child we care for

Although We're Not Their Parents

Although we're not their parents, we care for them each day, we cuddle, sing, and read to them, and watch them as they play. We see each new accomplishment, and help them grow and learn, we understand their language, and we listen with concern. They come to us for comfort, and we kiss away their tears, they proudly show their work to us, we give the loudest cheers! No, we are not their parents, but our role is just as strong... Continue Reading »

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The Benefits of a Quality Daycare Program on Children

A quality child care program has quite a few positive affects on young children. Children that have spent a significant amount of time being cared for and learning in a quality daycare program have notably improved social skills over their stay at home with mommy or daddy counterparts. The children exhibit vastly improved sharing skills, problem solving, confidence, independence, self reliance, the ability to more easily foster friendships, and an over all healthy trust of their immediate environment and that of the outside word... Continue Reading »

the parent rap video

The Parent Rap

If you’re a parent you will definitely find this video very funny and well done. I know we did! Being a parent is the hardest job you'll ever love; this video exemplifies that statement. Being a parent is the most rewarding thing you'll every do. It is also, not one of, but "the", hardest thing you'll ever do. This is why grandma and grandpa are such heroes to your little one; they get the fun easy stuff. They swoop in and bring the fun for a, by comparison, easy 8 hours at a time.... Continue Reading »

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Family Home Daycare vs Child Care Center

In a society where the majority of mothers and fathers are working outside the home, the need for quality childcare is growing at a rapid pace. All parents want only the best for their children, especially when it comes to child care. Since it is widely acknowledged that the first five years of a child's life are the most important of their formative years, parents of young children feel a greater urgency to find that right environment for their children... Continue Reading »

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No Bouncy Chairs

In California, the Department of Social Sevices (AKA Child Care Licensing) has mandated rules for Home Daycare's and Child Care Center's, prohibiting the use of baby swings, walkers, bouncy chairs, exersaucers, and children can not be placed in a crib or pack-n-plack if awake. I was floored when I heard this. Baby swings and maybe walkers we understand because with great effort and even less supervision they can possibly be tipped over, but banning the other ones is absurd. This essentially means we can either hold the infants... Continue Reading »

sleeping child

Go To Sleep

You work hard. You get home and you work hard again. But all awhile your the good parent, you shower your kid with tons of hugs and kisses, and with every one of your waking free seconds you spend entertaining them - on trips, vacations, LegoLand, Chucky-E-Cheese, walks, hikes, reading, do homework, and out for ice cream or donuts. So, don't you deserve a simple 30 minutes of peace and quiet before you yourself go to sleep each night? You bet you do - you deserve it!... Continue Reading »

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Cold and Flu Season

As I'm sure you've noticed cold and flu season is upon us. Colds turn into ear infections, chest, throat, eye, and sinus infections. Ear infections and etc turn into doctor visits. And doctor visits turn into loss of money and work. A definite challenge for families. In plain terms, in order for your child not to get sick he or she needs to not come in contact with another who is sick. In a daycare setting this is near impossible. In the past we have tried to lesson this exposer by sending those with bad cold symptoms home... Continue Reading »