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Telephone Interview Questions for a Family Home Daycare

Save time and energy by using the phone to narrow your search. It is a good idea to contact at least three different childcare providers. To get the best response, avoid calling at busy times such as arrival, departure, or lunch time. Tell the childcare provider your name and the age and name of your child in need of child care. Ask if he or she has time to answer a few questions. If not, ask when would be a good time to call back. If you schedule a time to visit the potential childcare provider, be sure to make your appointment for a time that children will be present. Once you have made a list of potential childcare providers, phone each of them and ask these basic questions.

Name of childcare provider

Phone number



  • What ages of children do you accept?
  • Do you have any openings?
  • If not, do you anticipate having openings in the near future?
  • Is there a waiting list?

Hours & Location

  • What are your hours of operation?
  • What are the hours for full or part-time care?
  • What days of the week are you open?
  • Where are you located?
  • Are you flexible with regards to pick-up/drop-off times?
  • Do you close for vacations, holidays, sick/personal days, or other reasons?


  • Are you and your home licensed? By whom?
  • How many children are you licensed to care for?
  • How many children do you currently care for?
  • What are their ages?
  • What teacher/child ratio do you maintain?
  • Who works with you?
  • Are you CPR and First Aid certified?
  • What experience do you have caring for children?
  • When did you establish your home daycare?
  • Foreseeably, how long do you anticipate running your home daycare?


  • What are your rates for an infant, toddler, or preschooler?
  • When are fees due - weekly, monthly?
  • Are there any extra costs (i.e. registration fee, etc)?
  • Do you accept government subsidies?
  • Are fees still due when my child is sick, on holiday, or vacation?
  • Are fees still due when you are sick, on holiday, or vacation?
  • How many vacations do you take per year?
  • Do you provide receipts for payments made?

Quality Issues

  • Do you have written policies, procedures, and a contract?
  • Do you provide a preschool curriculum?
  • Do you provide healthy meals and snacks? Baby food and formula?
  • Is refrigerator space available for storing breast milk or pre-prepared bottles?
  • What are the policies regarding sick children?
  • Is your home smoke free 24 hours a day?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Is there a safe, fully fenced outside play area?
  • What are some activities that my child would be involved in?

Ending with

  • When is a good time to visit you and your home?